06 November 2006

the electronic book review
& fictions present

ebr, edited by Joe Tabbi, has just gone live with a new thread that should be of real interest to the Now What tribe.

Entitled fictions present, it includes, among other things, a summary of and engagement with the last &NOW conference by Ted Pelton, a narrative disruption by Rob Swigart, and a collection of sharp essays by and about edge writers (including Raymond Federman, Michael Martone, R. M. Berry, Lucy Corin, Harry Mathews, Lidia Yuknavitch, and others) that I've been gathering over the last couple of years.

In his introductory statement to the thread, Tabbi writes:

Everything that happens, happens now. The essays, narratives, and essay-narratives gathered under the thread title, Fictions Present, reaffirm the "presentist" bias in electronic publishing and in ebr particularly: our non-periodical, continuous publication is designed to keep the archive current and to present critical writing not as an afterthought, but as an integral element in the creation of literary fictions.

ebr has been relatively quiet for a while as it's been reinventing itself. The outcome is well worth waiting for—a digital venue at once beautiful, theoretically and aesthetically and politically engaged, and yet more proof (should any of us need it) that there's been an exciting renaissance going on in American avant-garde fiction over the course of the last four or five years online and off.

To check it all out, click here.

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