02 September 2007

chiasmus press podcast #3

Long-time friends Virginia Patterson and Ryan Smith joined The Chiasmites on August 31 to record episode #03. Here's what we discussed:
Chiasmus Fight Song Contest :: Virginia's role as Chiasmus publicist :: Ryan's role as box-lugger, burrito-buyer and switchblade-packer :: How Ryan paid Harold Jaffe's mini-bar tab :: Raymond Federman :: Lidia and Virginia reminisce about Those Days Of Yore At Pacific University :: Mark Amerika's new book (BUY IT NOW!) :: Alt-X :: Zombie Chic :: Gamer Chix + Boiz :: Virginia's 20 year love triangle with Mario and Link :: Grant Morrison's The Invisibles :: Ryan hails King Mingo as "Honey" :: Lidia explains the artistic tragedy b/k/a Seung-Hui Cho :: Nick Mamatas :: Madness, art, and higher education :: Andy explains how Larry Craig's penchant for fine footware in public bathrooms is Totally Not Gay :: Trevor attempts a half-assed comparison between Craig and Cho :: Andy's new blog :: Ryan abuses a stripper during a recent shoot for The Iconographer (free greasy T-shirts!) :: Team America: World Police :: Snake hunting in Estacada :: A room full of overpaid professors whine about having to go back to work :: Ryan compares and contrasts adjunct and EMT work :: Trevor's fever dream about team-teaching with Lidia ::

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Keep those knees bent.