01 March 2008

tubearts contest

I just received the following email from Aaron Jaffe about what sounds like a fascinating contest/project. For a video explaining things in more depth, please click here.

I’m writing to let you know about an art and writing contest we’re holding on YouTube. Writing is a central part of our society, but writers who want to focus on something other than pop culture and drunken celebrities are struggling to find footholds on YouTube. It’s a site that should naturally be a haven for writers, but the YouTube staff takes a passing interest in the arts at best.

The purpose of the TubeArts contest is to call for the addition of an “art and writing” category, and to let writers explore YouTube as medium for their work. The winner will also receive $500 and some great exposure (between myself and the six judges, we have 90,000 regular viewers).

I’ve included a link to the contest introduction video below. I hope you can take a moment to visit and leave a comment. The comment section is serving as an online petition, and the more comments we get the more people will see the video. . . .

YouTube could be a place for writers to showcase their work. It could be a place that makes poetry accessible and interesting to a new generation. We’ll take a big step towards that goal if this contest is successful, but we’re not going to be able to do it without you!