02 July 2006

Guidelines and 2007 titles

Hello all, just a brief announcement for the authors...

* * *

Raw Dog Screaming Press is pleased to announce a new imprint dedicated to nonfiction: Guide Dog Books. Our newly appointed Nonfiction Editor is Stanley Ashenbach. All nonfiction queries should be directed to stanleyashenbach@yahoo.com.

We are looking for innovative nonfiction in all its manifestations…creative nonfiction, academic works, experimental forms, critical works, letters from the opposition, etc. All subject matter will be considered, although we are most interested in work that examines popular culture. Queries should include a 500 word abstract, author biography, and a sample chapter. Please do not send entire manuscripts by email.

* * *

Just announced! These titles will be released by Raw Dog Screaming Press in 2007:

Dr. Identity by D. Harlan Wilson (hardcover)
Fish, Soap, and Bonds by Larry Fondation (trade paperback)
Health Agent by Jeffrey Thomas (special edition and hardcover)
The Million-Year Centipede; or, Liquid Structures by Eckhard Gerdes (trade paperback)

For more info, please visit RawDogScreaming.com.