01 October 2006

Mad Hatters' Review Issue 6 has emerged

Here's the lineup & please note that our reading period for Issue 7 is October 16th through 29th. Enjoy & please submit!!! --- Carol

Mad Hatters' Review Issue 6, October 2006

A Room of My Own & other poems Arlene Ang
Happy Everyday Birthday & other poems David Meltzer
Truth and Untruth & other poems Suchoon Mo
THE ELEMENTALS: Exhibit H, K & M Michael Rothenberg
The Silky Weasel's Dish Float...& other poems Lynn Strongin
She & other poems Edwin Torres

Folktale & other works Eric Darton
Personal Effects Debra Di Blasi
Creation & other works Lily Hoang
Seven Faces of the Assassin Andrew S. Taylor

Cosmopolitan Undress & other works Benjamin Buchholz
Desire for War & other works Ulf Cronquist
A Step Inside Denis Emorine translated from the French by Phillip John Usher
Follow the Directions Erica Plouffe Lazure
I Am Unemployed Tao Lin
Shaking the Superflux & other works Justin Taylor

Animations Dart Page & others Bozarian

Antepodean Antics Selected by Brentley Frazer
The Word Fuck Without Warning & others M.T.C. Cronin
All the World’s a Pilfer Jayne Fenton Keane
Pooh & Selected & others Michael Farrel

Book Reviews
Norman Lock Reviews Chinese Checkers by Mario Bellatin
The intrepid C.B. Smith Reviews books by Olsen, Palecek, & Standaert

Patriotic Polly; Coconuts; Tristan, Miss Julie & Steve & others Carol Novack, Phil Nelson, Marja Hagborg & others

Step to the Rear Rich Andrews Goatbreath Babble Sir Castor Bayley
Strange as it May Seem Tantra Bensko
Advice to the Lorn of Love Crazy Jane
East of East Pete Dolack
Dear New York D. A. Eis
Random Acts of Insanity Shirley Harshenin
From Under the Slush Pile Helen Ruggieri
The Modern Buckaroos' Guide to the Western World Elizabeth Smith

'Fish & Plane' Contest Winning Entries Catherine Edmunds, Emily Brink & Shalla de Guzman
'The Wrong Roof' Current Contest Guidelines (October 15th deadline)

Editor's Rave Carol Novack

Featured Artist Lynn Schirmer

Featured Writer Debra Di Blasi

Featured Artist Lynn Schirmer
Issue 6 Art Multiple Artists Issue 6
Music Multiple Composers

Marc Lowe Interviews Debra Di Blasi
Tantra Bensko Interviews Lynn Schirmer

Mad Hatter Readings
Edwin Torres @ KGB Bar, June 1, 2006

Mental Theatre Episode 2 Don Bergland

New York Comedy Show
MAZELTOV - Yiddish Discovery Channel Lisa Ferber