15 July 2008

It was TRAUMA, but now it's TREASURE!

I have changed nothing below in this advert I found on the Creative Nonfiction Magazine website:

Turning Trauma into Treasure

Washington, DC

September 20

This intense, day-long program with CNF Editor Lee Gutkind will present the art and craft of memoir writing, explaining how to capture traumatic stories in a way that touches and impacts readers.

During this intense and entertaining day, participants will learn how to:

• find the precious nugget of the story
• isolate the crucial magic moment
• infuse the story with a universal chord
• develop a narrative arc
• frame and focus the story
• capture essential intimate details
• share their hard-earned, hard-learned wisdom

$275 registration fee includes a 4-issue subscription to Creative Nonfiction. (After August 20, $290.)


Ted Pelton said...

Have you been raped? Have your people suffered genocide? You may have an exciting career waiting...

Lance Olsen said...

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. —H. L. Mencken

Unknown said...

I love it that they charge an extra $15 after a certain August deadline.



jdeshell said...

Who can save me from the trauma of reading nonfiction? WHO CAN SAVE ME?

Brian said...

You'll learn to share your "hard-earned, hard-learned wisdom." What if you didn't earn or learn nothing? Will you learn to make up some wisdom? Now *that* might be worth $275.

That day does not sound entertaining to me, for the record.

Ted Pelton said...

And speaking of pop-culture insults, has anyone noticed that Crate & Barrell is now calling itself... CB2?

Lance, Jeffrey, et al: they're ripping you off!