07 February 2007

time capsule: 17 May 1996

Mark Leyner, David Foster Wallace and Jonathan Franzen appeared on The Charlie Rose Show on 17 May, 1996 (fast forward to the 36 minute mark, btw) to discuss televisual reading habits, publishing and the state of the novel at the dawn of The InterWebs. It's nearly 11 years later, and I'm wondering what--if anything--is markedly different. (Besides Franzen's hairstyle, natch.)


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Matt Roberson said...

Surprising how badly they all come off here (I think Franzen, especially, for being such a snark (but all of them in their abortive attempts to talk about contemporary fiction)). The clip really highlights how even a decent show like Charlie Rose fails every time to do justice to topics of any substance. I googled to see if I could find any more clips--and there's another, longer CR interview with just DFW, whom I plain like in it--and even there the conversation keeps getting sidetracked by the necessity to appeal to what Curtis White finds in Terri Gross's Fresh Air to be the Middle Mind (i.e., the topic keeps coming back to gossipy chat about DFW as a person (though he tries to nip that in the bud)). You can find it at


If you do watch it, help me ponder my own, insubstantial question: Who was dressing DFW in 1997? Was there irony involved?