26 December 2006

Bernhard Interview

Here's a link to a great Thomas Bernhard interview, courtesy of my friend Patrick:

Happy holidays.


Dimitri Anastasopoulos said...

Thank you Jeffrey. That was hilarious and Bernhard-at-his-finest. Beef for a lifetime indeed.

I still think of him as the finest of the latter 20th century, and this interview also enlightened a bit--especially the bit on Handke with whom Bernhard collaborated.

Lance Olsen said...

Can you say literary curmudgeon?

Still, what a great voice, what great energy, what a wonderful contrarian mind at work ... although, surely, the real story is what the interviewer, pressed into the straightman role, must be thinking.

My favorite passage:

That's all art is, getting better and better at playing your chosen instrument. That's the pleasure of it, and no one can take that pleasure away from you or talk you out of it. If someone is a great pianist then you can clear out the room where he's sitting with the piano, fill it with dust, and then start throwing buckets of water at him, but he'll stay put and keep on playing. Even if the house falls down around him, he'll carry on playing. And with writing it's the same thing.

Thanks for the link, Jeffrey.

Anonymous said...

Billion thanks for this, JD. I'm about to teach The Loser and any extra stuff on the great one will help fuel the discussion.

Happy 2007!


Anonymous said...

Bitter, brutal, brilliant. Loved the interview. Despite his acerbic tone, it is hard to deny that much of what he says/said about human nature is, to some degree, true. I sure wouldn't want him for a housemate, though! The words of G.I. Gurdjieff come to mind:

"If you have an unpleasant nature, and dislike people, this is no obstacle to work."