25 October 2006

L. Timmel Duchamp reads at UCSD

Celebrating ParaSpheres,
fabulist and new wave fabulist stories

Wednesday, November 1 (4:30 - 6 PM)

University of California at San Diego

UCSD Campus in the Visual Arts Facility Performance Space, "The VAF"
San Diego, California

Readings by these contributors:

L. Timmel Duchamp
William Luvaas
Carol Schwalberg
Noelle Sickels
Mark Wallace

MCs: Rusty Morrison & Ken Keegan

Free hors d'oeuvres and sparkling water


I'll be reading from "The Tears of Niobe."


Lance Olsen said...

What a great lineup! If anyone makes a digital recording of the event, please let me know and we can offer it on Now What for those less fortunate of us who can't be there to revel.

mark wallace said...

I'm looking forward very much to meeting several of you for the first time there.

The UCSD series coordinators generally do make recordings of the event, and ask everyone to sign a release form etc. I don't know what their procedure would be for making the recording available to others.

Lance Olsen said...

Mark, Timmi: would you please tell us a little about the paraspheres project? I saw an ad for the anthology yesterday in Poets & Writers, and it looks very interesting indeed.

mark wallace said...

It's a 600-plus page anthology that features work that in various ways challenges the distinctions between genre fiction, conventional literary fiction, and innovative/avant garde/alternative (whatever word you want, but you know what I mean) fiction, and makes a case for the fact that contemporary fiction features all sorts of great work that doesn't fit comfortably within today's market-driven constraints--and indeed actively undermines those constraints. Seeing work by Kim Stanley Robinson and Laura Moriarty (to pick only two of many surprsing juxtapositions) in the same fiction anthology is an original and surprisingly effective way of reconfiguring conventional marketplace values. Editors Rusty Morrison and Ken keegan have done a tremendous amount of work in bringing all this material together.

They've also been arranging readings all over the country for authors in the anthology; if anybody here is willing to arrange further such events at your own local bookstore, gallery, or university, I'm sure Rusty and Ken would love to hear from you.