25 July 2006

August Challenge

One of the things that prompted Lance and I to begin this blog a couple months ago was the paucity of reviews of new small press fiction titles. But, to date, there have been very few of these, aside from short mentions of and allusions to titles/authors.

Let's see what we can do about changing this. A challenge:

During August, let's have everyone on this list do at least one review of a recent-ish small press fiction title, preferably by an author who is not a good friend of the blogger (this world being so small oftentimes, it may be impossible to avoid any acquaintance whatever; nevertheless, it seems to me that this project's success will be predicated on reviewers feeling that they are free, if they desire, to do a less-than-enthusiastic review, if such is called for).

Let me also say this, as a small press publisher myself: anyone desiring review copies of Starcherone books should feel free to get in touch with me to request such. But then I will expect you to WRITE THE REVIEW (and reserve the right to call you out if you don't). Email me at ted@starcherone.com.


Lance Olsen said...

Terrific idea, Ted!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ted,

Yes, this is a wonderful idea. I've recently decided to do the same over at my blog (this is not a plug - I only mention it because I'm not part of the NOW WHAT collective), beginning with Roy Kesey's novella Nothing in the World (Bullfight Media). I'd love to review something from Starcherone and will be e-mailing you about the logistics shortly.