09 June 2006

A Call for Submissions

Emboldened by the fc2 sukenick award posting, I would like to invite all offbeat-onbeat writers, particularly of the female variety, to submit to Mad Hatters' Review, as our reading period for Issue 6 is officially due to close on the 14th (at midnight wherever you are). My staff and I are attempting to make our online journal a haven for offstream ("innovative") writers. We welcome book reviews, interviews, "non-fiction," short shorts, longer shorts, poetry, prose poetry, drama, multimedia projects, collaborative projects, and what we call whatnots (the indefinable glorious delicious outrageous). I've said "of the female variety" because we're getting many submissions from offstream male writers, but very very few from women. This is an issue for a future discussion, I'm sure.

I've been working on a schpeal (sp?) about the role and importance of online journals in promoting and disseminating fresh, sociopolitically aware/sophisticated and non-commercial writings. My own journal is only one of an increasing number.

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