26 April 2008

Mad Hatters' Review event

Continuing my glut of recent postings. A cool event to check out:

Mad Hatters' Revue
Sunday, May 4, 4-8 pm, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC


MC'd by comedienne Lisa Levy, the Revue will feature FICTION WRITERS & POETS, PERFORMANCE ARTISTS & MULTI-MEDIA MASTERS Alex Caldiero, Alan Davies, Samuel R. Delany, Tonya M. Foster, Pierre Joris, Timothy Liu, Eileen Myles, Nicole Peyrafitte, Wanda Phipps, Alan Sondheim, Stephanie Strickland, Steve Tomasula & Edwin Torres; MUSICIANS & SOUND ARTISTS, including Benjamin Rush Miller, austin publicover, Tom Abbott, & Ben Tyree with Will Martina; VISUAL ARTISTS & FILM-MAKERS, including:: Amy Cohen Banker, Orin Buck, Theresa Byrnes, Michelle Handelman, Heide Hatry, Gregg LeFevre, Iris Schieferstein, & Robert Withers. + Drink Specials & Door Prizes

Mad Hatters’ Review
Edgy and Enlightened Literature, Art and Music in the Age of Dementia