26 February 2007

The China Syndrome

Hi all;

Sorry to have been more than silent in the past few weeks; my wife and I have been in China, adopting our daughter Athena. For details of the trip, see here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/adoption. [Can't seem to link in blogger today....]

While in Beijing, we worked with a wonderful guide with an interest in expanding her English. I offered to send her some American novels, yet she asked for "nothing too hard." Her spoken English is quite strong, and she has some concerns about my package not making it through the Chinese mail. We'll see.

So, an interesting question for the blog: What should I send to someone in burgeoning China to further her undertsanding and study of English, while perhaps offering an entry point into interesting American literature?

I have some ideas, but thought you might as well.



Carol Novack said...

Hi Davis! I wonder what ideas you have. I immediately thought of "minimalists" such as Raymond Carver, Ernest Hemingway and Diane Williams. The structure of Chinese language is so radically different from English -- I'd simply say, keep it simple.

cait said...

I taught esl in Korea to everyone, I found that magazines were the easiest and most entertaining for adults. It depends on her skill level. But my adults liked kids books as well, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, harry potter, even Dr. Seuss (once they understood rhyming). They liked stories they already knew, but were in a different language, allowed them to concentrate on the words and the meaning.

jdeshell said...

Books to China??? Hey, congratulations on your daughter! J