29 August 2006

The Death of the Author…?

The current Newsweek picks up on a story reported earlier this summer (Galleycat.com, for instance), reporting that HarperCollins is hocking a Sept 12 release of 300,000 copies without revealing title or author. The scoop, from the sales release to booksellers:


* The subject matter of this book will make news all over the world - with details and information never-before-revealed from a proven author who will the story everyone wants to hear. This is the book everyone will be talking about!

* Major national publicity will be confirmed - and as soon as the details of this sensational story are officially released, there will be much more to follow!

Title to be Revealed
By Author

ISBN: 0-06-113895-9
Price: $25.95 ($31.95 Can.)
320 pages; 6 x 9
3 8-page color inserts
One-Day Laydown September 12, 2006


Oh yes, and this will be a “true story” of the “mesmerizing” and “provocative” stripe.

Not quite the death of the author—just another rail in the long track of truth-in-prose we’ve been discussing.

Truthiness issues aside, savvy marketing or over-boiled hype?



Eric said...

When I looked up the in-house classification number for this book at the bookstore for which I work I saw that it is to be filed under "British history." If that is correct, then the book is likely another icky story about Lady Di.

Davis Schneiderman said...

Oh, yes, that the Queen Mum expressed only steely eyed calm in the wake of Di's paparazzi-caused passing.

This is the book we need, now, to save us all.


Jack said...

Amazon reports this ISBN as

The Way We Were: Remembering Diana (Hardcover)
by Paul Burrell


Kass Fleisher said...

wow. eric nails it in one toss. -kass